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Doug Turet

Hi, my name is Doug Turet and I'm a Certified Life Coach specializing in personal growth and empowerment, relationship and stress management coaching. I have a private practice in Norwood, MA, and also work with people by phone and Zoom.

In addition to the clients I'm lucky enough to serve as a coaching, I am also an award-winning Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Medical Massage Practitioner and Access Consciousness® Bars® Practitioner with more than a decade of experience, and deliver that work at Massage Horizons (also in Norwood, MA, and also by appointment only). To visit my Massage Horizons website, click here.

The coaching process I use is collaborative and solution-focused. By approaching challenges this way, I'm able to provide you with support and practical feedback, to help you effectively address personal life challenges and obstacles, and long-held beliefs that may no longer be benefiting you.

Working together, we'll create a sense of clarity, set some small goals (and then some progressively larger ones) and chart a course forward to new and greater possibilities for you. With compassion and understanding, I'll work with you to help build on your strengths, examine your "weaknesses" to see if they're really as weak as you perceive them to be, and support you as you attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving!

Education and Experience

Certified Life Coach                             —     Universal Coach Institute, Atlanta, GA            —     June, 2014

Certified Transformational Coach      —     Universal Coach Institute, Atlanta, GA            —     June, 2014

Certified Solution Focused Coach     —     Universal Coach Institute, Atlanta, GA            —     June, 2014

Access Consciousness® Bars® Practitioner  —  Access Consciousness, Houston, TX  —     March 2011

Although the certifications above give a short summation of my history, any honest discussion of my training as a coach really needs to begin where I did: as a kid who was born with loose joints, crossed eyes and learning disabilities (in the days before any names or support for challenges like those existed). Up until about the age of 10-12, I'd hide out after school at the defunct quarry behind my folks' house, and focus on the rocks and minerals at my feet, instead of all of the comments I kept hearing that I was helpless, useless and unlikely to ever amount to anything.

One day, out of the blue, it dawned on me that if everyone had already decided I wasn't worthy of their effort, that actually gave me incredible freedom to reinvent myself: to explore, experiment and decide who _I_ thought I could be, and that opened my eyes to new ways of seeing myself, and vast new panoramas of possibility!

At the age of ten, I learned to see my loose joints as a kind of performance advantage in fluidity and created "The Flow-Focus Method", a more limber approach to playing the drums that quickly gathered the attention of other kids at my high school and led to the first of what eventually became somewhere around 300 private drum students, several of whom subsequently became professional drummers and drum instructors, themselves. At 14, I decided to figure out how to cut stones, and began transforming those rocks and minerals I'd collected into a part-time job, driving them around and selling them to as many jewelry stores as I could reach on my 10-speed bike! For the next 32 years, I filled my days with a combination of playing the drums, coaching others to do so, cutting stones and. in the '90's and 2000's, designing and making jewelry.

When The Great Recession hit, people stopped buying stones and I had to reinvent myself again, and that discovery process led to a fun collection of energy work and coaching tools and processes called Access Consciousness®. That led to my becoming both a practitioner and (for awhile) a trainer/facilitator of classes for same. During one of Access' trainings, I met a massage therapist whose work was instrumental in my returning to school to train as a massage therapist, a decision I have never regretted. In 2013 however, I injured my left wrist badly enough that I had to go in for reconstructive surgery and was unable to perform any massage work for 11 months. When that happened, I asked the question, "What can I do differently that can empower me to continue helping others, and can simultaneously help me to help myself and my family, even if I'm unable to use my hands?" and the most obvious answer was Life Coaching!

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